To The Levite

To the Levite

From the sword of kings
And the widow’s mite,
We can learn the tale-
The givers’ plight.

Though the Levite failed
In the time of need,
T’was another did
The selfless deed.

Though we serve our God
It availeth not,
If we’re void of love
As Jesus taught.

To be counted His
Will be more than say
That we know his name
On that great day.

The first to be last
So the Scripture goes;
What is in our hearts,
Only He knows

My dear Levite friend
Do not justify.
Would you not want help
In roads you lie?

To be forgiven,
Counted one of His,
Seek not for thy gain,
Only to give.

Love one another,
Serving in His name,
Without thought of own
Fortune or fame.

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