Gone the Days of Summer

Gone the days of summer,
Of baseball and apple pie—
Hope, imagination, wonder unfettered
And effort applauded in supply.

No thought of class, race, or gender,
No talk of debts and their repair, Naïve perhaps in the shadow of terror, While sipping lemonade in my chair. Gone the time of caring friends Whose important belief or creed, Impeded not the neighborly affects— A smile, a wave, a thoughtful deed. Instead the piper cries for more, “Give the devil his due.” An opinion to hold is the damning curse Ammo for others to pursue. Is tolerance love? Though resentment festers and fosters Do we not find the Christian faith Manipulated, contorted, distorted with imposters? Gone the days of summer, Of fellowship and extended hand Of one nation under one God though With individual opinions united we all stand. How I long for a time ago When debated reason ruled public view, Where offense was not sought, nor intended, But underlying kindness and love ensued. Thus were my days of summer, Of baseball and apple pie, Whose absence now provokes the question, Not of where they’ve gone, but why.

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