Nay, Nay, May he Rest in Peace

On my drives to work, I often listen to 97.3 comedy. Over the past years I developed admiration for John Pinette who passed away over the weekend. I was saddened by the news but more so by headlines that reduced Pinette’s career to a single act on the Seinfield finale. I had to go back and watch the clip they were referring to as I didn’t remember his acting there.


I very much enjoyed Pinette’s routine, some of which is found here.



I was shocked to find out that the man played Edna Turnblad in the Broadway hit Hairspray, in over 500 performances spanning a couple of years on Broadway and on Tour.

Pinette also appeared in many movies and TV shows. He can be seen at the first of this trailer for Duets.

So, thank you John for sharing your happiness and hilarity with us. You will be missed, but now you are like Free Willy. Be at peace.

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