Beard Envy

Beard EnvyI had a proud father moment. My daughter (may have been making fun of me) drew glasses, beard and mustache on her face. It is quite possible she was suffering from Beard Envy that has taken hold of many, even me who has never had a desire, or the ability to grow proper facial hair.

Several friends have grown out their beards, and I found myself growing ever envious of their changing profiles.

I first began noticing the beards in No Shave November. In December and thereafter the beards didn’t come off.

I wonder if it had something to do with the popularity of Duck Dynasty, now those are some beards.

My BeardThen I came across this article on CNN talking about Hollywood getting on board. That’s about the time I get off of any fad I’ve ever been a part of. Though I shaved it down, I believe that there is something deeper to the beard envy. I wonder if we men, long to be men, to do manly things, to act like a man. As a member of the male gender, I have found it confusing at times, knowing how to act as society continues to change what I once believed to be my role in society. Growing a beard helped me reestablish and reconnect with my manliness. Do you have beard envy?

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